For Primary Schools

Collective Worship

We help schools to fulfil the requirements for a daily act of collective worship. We tailor everything we do to the needs of each school. We can deliver collective worship sessions based around your school’s core values, such as respect, friendship, courage and honesty.

Lessons and workshops

We lead a number of lessons and workshops for key stage two pupils. These lessons are designed to present the Christian faith in a relevant and respectful way.

  • Diary of a Disciple allows pupils to explore who Jesus is through the gospel of Luke.
  • Self-esteem material encourages pupils to explore how unique and valuable they are.
  • It’s Your Move is an interactive lesson for Year 6, helping pupils think through and tackle some of their thoughts and concerns about moving to secondary school.
  • Christmas in a Box. This popular programme enables children to explore what Christians believe about the Christmas story, and to think about the story in relation to their own lives.

Lunch time and after school clubs

These clubs are a great way for young people to engage with the Bible and have the opportunity to ask questions about the Christian faith. Each session focuses on a theme or story from the Bible and encourages young people to think about its relevance to their own lives. We explore these themes through a variety of activities including drama, craft, games and quizzes.

Prayer and reflection spaces

Prayer and reflection spaces enable young people of all faiths and none to have space to think, reflect and pray if they want to. These spaces encourage reflection on important themes such as hope, Joy, compassion etc, in creative, fun and interactive ways.

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“I loved doing all the Christmas in a Box activities and wish we could do it again next week.”

For Secondary Schools

Collective worship

Our key stage 3 and 4 materials are thought provoking and engaging. They Generally involve pupil participation to explore themes that are relevant to social, moral and spiritual development. They encourage pupils to think about the needs of others within their community.


We support schools by mentoring pupils that are struggling with various aspects of school life and need a friendly face to talk to. During these sessions we aim to build self-confidence, respect and self-belief.

Hope for the future

Christian unions

Our Christian unions support pupils of all faiths and none. We aim to provide a space where pupils can make new friends and discuss how the Christian faith can influence our thoughts and attitudes. We regularly explore themes from the Bible in fun and interactive ways.

R.E. Lessons

We take part in many R.E. lessons to help schools teach a variety of topics relating to the Christian faith. Our lessons are a great opportunity for the young people to engage in the topic and ask questions about faith. Lessons are structured to encourage pupils to think and share their own thoughts and opinions.


We support schools by providing RSE session on a variety of subjects. We use engaging and interactive activities to encourage pupils to think about healthy, safe and respectful relationships.

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