Newsletter and Prayer Diary January 2018

By | January 9, 2019


Newsletter and Prayer Diary January 2019


Dear Supporters


Firstly, I want to wish all of you a very happy new year.


December was a busy month within the schools, with a variety of activities taking place. I had the opportunity to join both Criftins C of E primary and Whittington C of E Primary for their Christmas journey days. During these days the children had the opportunity to stop normal lessons and take part in activities related to the Christmas story. It was great to see the children explore the Christmas story in more detail and focus on the importance of Jesus.


I am excited about how the work is progressing this month. January sees the start of some exciting new activities within the schools. I will be starting lunchtime clubs in Cockshutt and Selattyn, and an after-school club in Criftins. These sessions will allow me to build greater relationships with some of the children, and encourage them to explore how the Christian faith can affect their lives.   The Meadows primary has also invited me to do some assemblies this term, exploring how the message of the bible can influence our values in society.


I will also be starting a lunch time session at North Shropshire College with the help of Matt Barkley. This will involve exploring some of the big questions that young people have regarding faith and the world we live in.


Please pray


  • For the new opportunities I have mentioned. Pray that the children will engage in each activity and will come to understand who Jesus is.
  • That the teenagers in our communities will make positive life choices, especially within the activities they engage in out side of school.
  • Continued relationship building with the local schools.


Psalm 133 says ‘How good and pleasing it is when God’s people live together in unity.’

Thank you to everyone for being unified in prayer for the project over the last year.





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Pray for staff on professional development days today. 11.30 Lakelands


12.30 Lakelands faith group.

Whittington worship group.
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9.10 Selattyn assembly


11.30 Lakelands mentoring

12.30 Lakelands faith group. 12.15 big questions at North Shropshire college


3.15 Criftins after school club

9am Weston Rhyn assembly

9.30 Weston Rhyn self-esteem workshop.

12.30 Cockshutt lunch club
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12.15 Selattyn Lunch club 11.30 Lakelands mentoring

12.30 Lakelands faith club

12pm Whittington worship group.


3.15 Criftins after school club

12.30 Cockshutt lunch club
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11.30 Lakelands mentoring 9am Meadows assembly


12,30 Lakelands faith club


12.15 big questions at North Shropshire College.


Union National conference.