Newsletter and Prayer Diary December 2018

By | December 3, 2018

Newsletter and Prayer Diary December 2018


Dear Supporters


The first term is nearly at an end and I have been encouraged by the responses I have had from each of the schools I have visited. Assemblies in the primary schools have been received well by the children especially when I have taken a puppet to help me illustrate the message. Over the last month the children have had the opportunity to consider their gifts and talents, forgiveness and friendship.


Since half term I have had the opportunity to start a faith club in Lakelands, giving the students a chance to discuss faith and make new friends. Whittington worship group has also begun, allowing children to engage in prayer through a variety of activities. R.E Lessons in St Martins have also been a success, encouraging young people to learn more about the Christian faith and how it fits with their own worldviews.


The new year will see the start of more activities within the schools. This will include more lunch time and afterschool clubs focusing on how we can be shining lights in the world and care for others. An increase in assemblies within the secondary schools is coming up and the potential for a lunch time session at North Shropshire College.


Please pray.


  • Pray for continued relationship building with the schools.
  • That young people will engage with each of the activities.
  • The clubs that have yet to start will be a success.
  • For the families who find Christmas a difficult time both emotionally and financially.


Thank you for your continued support.


Jane x

December 2018
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11.30 Lakelands mentoring.

2.45 Morda assembly.

6pm Christ Church Girls Brigade.



12.30 Lakelands faith group

9.30 meeting with The  Meadows primary.


12pm Whittington worship club

9am Criftins Journey Day

1pm Marches CU.

2.45 Bryn Offa assembly

Pray that the children will know the real meaning of Christmas
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Assembly in Weston Rhyn  by Luke Theatre Group. 9am Lakelands Assembly

11.30 Lakelands Mentoring

12.30 Lakelands Faith Group.

9am Whittington Journey Day

1pm Marches CU.

Pray for the Nativity performances this month. May they demonstrate God’s love for the world.
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11.30 Lakelands Mentoring 12.30 Lakelands Faith Group

2.30 Morda Christmas Service.

12pm Whittington Worship club 1pm Marches CU

2.45 Bryn Offa Assembly

Pray for families who struggle financially and emotionally during this season.
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